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What is Premium and Gold membership?

Signing up as a Premium or Gold member will give you advantages as user of the Esport-auctions platform. For example you will get different discounts and also the opportunity to watch full length replays.

Premium members get 5% instant discount on auctions.

Gold members get 10% instant discount on auctions.

How to cancel your membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime.

Just login and cancel under your ‘My account’ –> Subscriptions

Do I need to pay if I am not able to participate in the session?

As auctions are realtime there is no refund and you are obligated to pay in full even if you are not able to participate in the session because the seat can not be sold again after the auction are ended.

What is Autobid?

It is more easy to bid on auctions if you turn on Autobid so you do not forget to raise your bid. No risk as you can easy set a limit on autobid the the specific auction.

How can I see the full length video?

Remember you can only watch full length replays if you have a subscription.

On the top bar you just click on upgrade and follow the instructions.

How is a payout handled?

Login and go to ‘My account’ to find payout link.

Pay-out can take up to 30 days as each pay-out are Manuel checked to avoid credit card fraud, money laundering etc.